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Content Management

Effective Content Management System solutions by iAntz will reduce your company’s operating costs and enhance customer service. In addition, your sites will always be up-to-date that will help you gain leadership with your internet presence and the prosperity of your business. With our CMS, companies control not only the current web site’s content, but also have a tool to implement their own ideas. They will manage navigation, web site structure, dynamic elements, tables and web-forms. These tools help them easily create pages on the web site in the way they want and place them online in real-time without specialists’ help.

Web content management systems are often used for storing, controlling, versioning, and publishing industry-specific documentation such as news articles, operators’ manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, and marketing brochures. A content management system may support the following features

* Import and creation of documents and multimedia material
* Identification of all key users and their content management roles
* The ability to assign roles and responsibilities to different content categories or types
* Definition of the content workflow tasks, often coupled with event messaging so that content managers are alerted to changes in content
* The ability to track and manage multiple versions of a single instance of content
* Increasingly, the repository is an inherent part of the system, and incorporates enterprise search and retrieval